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Guide to Buying the Perfect Running Shoe

Happy Friday Endurers!! Here is your first Fit Tip of the new year!!!

Some consider running to be the easiest sport to start for a novice…. Or maybe the cheapest… when you consider all the equipment needed for some sports…. Shoes and a willing attitude is all you need for running/walking/woggling. A good pair of SHOES could be the deal breaker…. Let’s talk about it..

Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t do a better job than this guide to choosing the best shoe for you…

This is the same advice someone gave me when I started out…

My first pair was a basic beginner Newton. I still love the feel of them. They have a mid-foot design that I was told helps to train you to feel that kind of foot strike. There are two camps midfoot strike and heal strike. We won't debate them here. You can figure that out yourself.

Here are some recommendations/preferences for your HDEC Exec Committee …

Bonita - Go to the professionals… Don't be tempted by the Target/Walmart specials… kinda reminds me of the grocery store bargains from back in the day… BAD IDEA… I listened to other recommendations… tried on the shoe and made decisions… that should be your pattern.. Not all shoes are for everyone. That’s why there are so many to choose from!!! Your foot is unique. Try them out.. Most stores will let you run in them before purchase or even after.. Don’t feel you have to convince yourself to like them…. It takes time… but the right shoe makes the difference!! My faves right now are Topo-athletic, Mizuno, On and Newton. Go to the running store!!! Ask the Professionals

Coach Rawn - My favorite: Altra (for now), perfect cushion/rigidity balance, wide toe-box for toes to spread, great road and trail variation, and light. Then there's New Balance minimus. Insanely durable. I like being closer to the road and closer to a racing flats sort of feel...(I might have to try these myself). Atreyu is a brand I have come to know, love, and respect. they give all the nuance of today's super shoes, and at fractions of the cost. Although, I find them a little stingy on the toe-box aspect. I'm working through a few test runs on what some consider "super shoes": Brooks Hyperion Elite 2, and On Cloud Boom, v1. Both hella speedy in their own ways. More to follow on these.

Brittany - I alternate between my Altra’s, On and Asics. Just depends on the weather, distance and how my feet feel that day. Altras and On’s tie. My tip would be... don’t be a brand snob when you are first starting out. Don’t be afraid to try on different brands to find what your foot likes. Definitely go to a store that specializes in running shoes. Ooh and investing in running socks is an absolute must!!

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