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About Us

Hype or Die Endurance Club

Veteran Operated • All Endurance • Social Fitness Club


H D E C  is a Veteran and minority owned social fitness club in the Greater New Orleans and North Shore areas. In May 2017 we established ourselves as a fitness initiative dedicated to continuously build upon a trusted network of endurance enthusiasts and community advocates. Our Endurers have grown to be the most notable (and most fun) running and triathlon club around the Big Easy, and beyond.


O U R  M I S S I O N  is to prepare, perform, and progress everyday athletes and motivated movers to foster and forge the "tip of the spear," which is you.

We do this by enhancing our craft, our club, and our community.


We will meet you at your ability and take you to your potential, and beyond.



If you want to move, we want to move right alongside you.

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