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Goal Setting

Hey Endurers!! It’s Post Food Coma Fit Tip Time!

I hope you all enjoyed your family gathering, maybe different than last year, but enjoyable nonetheless….. probably ate your weight in food… I know I tried!!!

Sooooo are you ready for a change?

It’s never too early (or late) to get started on those goals!!! Who says we have to wait until the first of the year to declare we are ready for a change? Start now! So let’s talk GOALS…..

Goal Setting - Important? YES!! It forces you to think about what you want to accomplish and how to get there. It’s more than joining a gym or starting a 21 day juice fast. Motivation is the first step… but you need a plan. Let’s start ….

So you want to run a marathon? A half marathon...5k....just ONE MILE? Or just get off the couch and start moving?

Creating goals you can achieve…. Within a reasonable amount of time… With expected results (sign up for your first race). Here are a few steps to follow...

  1. Be as specific as possible. ‘I want to run my first 5K” vs. “I just bought these really cute running shoes. I think I'll start running.” Think it through. What do you want to accomplish? Write them down…. It makes them real.

  2. Make your goals achievable. “I’m going to join HDEC to keep a schedule of running.” or ‘I’m going to follow the couch to 5K plan” or “I need a coach” Take a large goal and break it up into smaller goals that will get you there. These goals are small but easier to achieve...all are steps to the ultimate goal. Sign up for that race!

  3. Be prepared to fail. When trying to make changes, you have to expect that there will be failures. But what you do with those failures is whats important. Don’t Quit!!! They ARE part of the plan. What you do with those failures is what's important. Learn from them!!

  4. Base your affirmations on fact. Choose an affirmation that inspires you. A poem. A quote. A biblical passage. Post it everywhere!! Say it often! Meditate on it! Visualize it! Make it real!

  5. Be flexible in how you get there. Life happens! Sometimes you just have to rethink, take a pause but don’t give up. It may not be what you planned at first as long as the end goal is the same.

  6. Take responsibility. Let people know what you are doing. Find a partner. Join a group. All these things help you to stay accountable and responsible for your outcomes.

  7. Focus on what you can control. Obstacles will happen… even the best plan has things that cannot be controlled...MOVE ON… they do not change the ultimate goal… you may have to figure out how to overcome them… just another step but the goal is the same. The extra step is in your control. Again DON’T QUIT!!!!

S. M. A. R. T. Goals

Now go crush some goals in 2022!!!!

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